Ethics and Compliance Policy

United Imaging adheres to the core business philosophy of winning trust with our brand and quality, and empowering our partners with compliance practices. We are committed to establishing compliance management system for risky business processes and advocating a culture of compliance. This object also includes empowering various stakeholders into the compliance management system to achieve a harmonious society in which all enterprises embrace honesty and integrity.

Through this webpage, you will learn about United Imaging's policies and culture on compliance, policies and requirements for business partners, and our tools and documents to assist you in fulfilling your compliance obligations. If you are a United Imaging employee or business partner, your attention and familiarity with these compliance policies are important. We encourage each United Imaging employee and each United Imaging business partner to fulfill compliance obligations to ensure our compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance Culture and Policy

Management Commitment

United Imaging expressly prohibits violations of PRC and applicable local laws, regulations and administrative rules. Each employee is urged to remain fully aware of United Imaging's rules, regulations and requirements in respect of corruption and commercial bribery, conflicts of interest, unfair competition, export control, IP protection, data protection and anti-fraud, and to observe high ethical standards, act in good faith and be responsible for United Imaging's lawful and compliant operations.

Compliance System

United Imaging's Compliance Committee, chaired by the CEO, is our top decision-making organization. We continuously issue various protocols, procedures and guidelines for mitigation of different compliance risks, further enhanced by our compliance trainings, audits and investigations on potential frauds and violations.


Business Coduct Guidelines of UIH*

*Document may differ depending on jurisdiction, consult your local country manager for details.  

Data Compliance and Cyber-security

Data Compliance & Cyber-security Structure

Protection of patient's information and healthcare data is the highest priority for United Imaging's products and service. We established Data Compliance Committee under Compliance Committee, and appointed Privacy Officer to ensure that "privacy by default and privacy by design" compliance practices are integrated across business units. We also organize Cybersecurity educational activities incorporating trainings on forefront data compliance topics, tests and lucky draws each year, to promote company-level awareness of data security.

Industry Standards

ISO27001 Information security management system*;

Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL3+)*

*Contact your sales coordinator for detailed information on each product's credentials.

Export Control and Sanctions

Export Control and Sanction Program

Respect and adherence to applicable export control and sanction laws is one of the most important principle in our global market strategy. Despite being in medical device industry, we operate in global market by vastly integrating PRC, U.S. and EU export control standards into our business practices. We enforce KYC rules, classification and de minimis calculation of our products, and routine education on employees' and distributors' awareness of export control and sanction laws. We also deploy Dow Jones screening system and manual checkpoints in different approval procedure, making sure each steps are carefully monitored and risks are timely alerted.


End Use and End User Statement : Submit this statement for our verification and screening purpose.


Transactions in Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Crimea region are prohibited. Any such transactional solicitation to our employees is against our corporate rules.

Third Party Compliance Management

Supply Chain Compliance

United Imaging compliance system needs to be jointly maintained by suppliers. For continued cooperation with suppliers, we hope that suppliers cooperated with or to be cooperated with United Imaging will abide by United Imaging management system and compliance requirements, including but not limited to just and fair competition, complying with laws, regulations and trade rules, respecting employees' rights and interests, protecting environment and fulfilling social responsibility.

Distribution Compliance


United Imaging establishes a well-around channel management policy for distributors, including pre-abroad due diligence, deal approval procedures and business risk evaluation. In our early years of expansion, distributors assume an important function in our global footprint and shall execute the same duty of care and loyalty as a prudent agents. No violation of laws and regulations, giving or promises to give of bribe, authorization to sub-distributors, export or re-export to sanctioned countries or entities is allowed. 


Distributor Code of Ethics

Whistleblowing Channel

If you discover that United Imaging employees or United Imaging business partners violate laws and regulations or the above compliance principles, you may report the violation to the following channel. Your identifiable information will be kept strictly confidential unless requested by law enforcement agents.

Whistleblowing Channel :