Efficient service


Efficient response

UIH service department supporting the whole of Europe, providing extremely fast product and service support.
The ECC is certified and supported by the manufacturer and R&D department as part of ICS - International Customer Support.



From pre-sales support to equipment acceptance, the entire process is strictly controlled by UIH professional project management team with the highest standards.
Providing customized solutions for all installation sites in order to meet customers' needs.
Offer one-to-one training services by professional training specialist.


Constantly Monitoring

Providing dynamic real-time monitoring of equipment status (excluding private customer information), detailed equipment status reports will be offered upon request.
Real-time monitoring of equipment data to ensure stable and safe operation.

Comprehensive training

- Meet customers' various training needs by providing professional clinical application and device maintenance trainings.

On-site Application Trainings

Provide standardized and personalized training services for operators to maximize equipment performance, allowing operators to quickly and independently complete examinations to meet clinical needs.


Intensive Training at Headquarters

Regular training courses provided by training experts and professional R&D personnel are given to clinical specialists and technicians with updated principles and knowledge, sequence basis, clinical application and technological progress.


Joint Training with Demonstration Hospitals

Collaborate with large AAA hospitals in organizing a full series of training courses, providing professional device operation, quality control trainings, clinical practice and experience sharing, as well as promoting the integration and exchange of imaging technology and clinical experience.


Technical Training for Engineers

Provide complete training system and technical support team including regular specialized training, prototype demonstration, emergency response that helps in improving engineers' service capabilities for customers' problems in various scenarios.


Customer Equipment Training

Training team composed of senior technical experts and engineers will assist customers to master equipment application and maintenance methods quickly, including operation, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance through theoretical explanation and on-site demonstration in order to improve equipment daily operation quality.

Maintenance and upgrade


  • Specialized remote monitoring by VPN 24/7.
  • Original spare parts and calibration tests to ensure professional repair compliance.


  • Professional maintenance and troubleshooting for image quality assurance.
  • High-quality control and management implement during the entire process.

Innovational services for new technologies

  • New technology platform iterations provided on original devices in developing new clinical applications.

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