UIH Announces uAIFI and uExcel

SHANGHAI, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, announced its uAIFI Technology Platform for MR and uExcel Technology Platform for PET/CT at the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF).

Al Zhang, Chairman and CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd., said, "We are always in pursuit of innovation and new frontiers. Rather than innovating simply within each individual modality, we take the strategy of innovating across modalities to address increasingly demanding requirements for imaging and the patient experience."

The uAIFI technology platform includes a series of innovations: EasySense, the industry's first dual-source phased array millimeter-wave contactless vital signals remote sensing technology; ACS intelligent constellation shuttling imaging, the world's first MR acceleration technology capable of doing acquisitions in seconds; DeepRecon intelligent high-fidelity image reconstruction; as well as ultra-flexible coil with higher RF element density. The uAIFI Technology platform provides the new MR systems with significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, better workflow, and improved user experience.

At CMEF, United Imaging debuted a series of brand new MR systems with uAIFI inside, including: the world's first whole-body 5.0T MR system, uMR Jupiter; an ultra-high-field preclinical MR system, uMR9.4T; an ultra-high-performance 3.0T MR system, uMR 890; a high-performance wide bore 1.5T MR system, uMR 680.

uMR Jupiter, the world's first whole-body 5.0T MR, breaks the clinical imaging limits of ultra-high-field MR. The ultra-high-field whole-body research and clinical imaging results achieved on the system are the firsts of their kind thanks to Jupiter's independent 8-channel volume RF transmission coil and demonstrate the system's ability to meet the challenging imaging requirements for both ultra-high-field scientific research and clinical practice. Moreover, it is installation space-friendly, and can easily fit into a traditional 3.0T MR room.

uMR 9.4T is an ultra-high-field preclinical MR called "in-vivo microscope", developed by United Imaging in cooperation with the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics,  Chinese Academy of Sciences. It features a number of breakthrough performance parameters: maximum gradient strength of 1000 mT/m; maximum gradient climb slew rate of 10000 T/m/s; maximum 4 times SNR gain cryo-probe technology. uMR 9.4T detects information about tissue structure and function with ultra-high field strength. The resulting high definition images can greatly facilitate the pathological and pharmacological research on animal models and provide a powerful scientific research platform for translational medicine.

With a combined field strength of 14.4T, the pair of ultra-high-field 5.0T uMR Jupiter and the 9.4T uMR9.4T preclinical system offer powerful imaging capabilities to support advanced research on the mechanism of major diseases, and explore the translational path from life science research to clinical application.

Currently United Imaging is the only company in the industry to offer imaging equipment for both the preclinical research and the clinical research markets. Al Zhang commented, "It is very important that all modalities of United Imaging share the same software system, just like all Apple's products use Apple's system. In pre-clinical and clinical scientific research, the research results can be seamlessly shared and compared if based on the same system, which can effectively accelerate the translational medicine process."

At CMEF, United Imaging also launched the uExcel technology platform for its next generation PET/CT systems. uMI Panorama is the first of a new line of PET/CT systems based on this brand new technology platform.

The uExcel technology platform includes a range of major hardware and software innovations which provide significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, richer system functionalities, a better user experience and improved patient safety.

The uExcel UDP detector incorporates an in-house-designed high performance event read-out and processing ASIC chip. Its compact, modular design, and simple interfaces allow the system's axial FOV to be easily extended to support diverse system requirements. The uExcel Scan workflow deploys AI-empowered technologies to simplify the operations and boost the examination efficiency. Equipped with the unique deep learning-based iterative reconstruction algorithm, uExcel Care delivers great image quality at reduced PET tracer injection dose and CT radiation dose. And with uExcel QA, the source-free QC procedure eliminates the need to handle radiation source and helps to reduce the operational cost, while the dual water cooling PET/CT design achieves high precision thermal control and accommodates a wider environment temperature range. Last but not least, the uExcel Explore offers a growing set of advanced applications, including the ones previously only available on uEXPLORER®, the world's first total-body PET/CT.

All the exciting technologies introduced showcase United Imaging's substantial and agile innovation pipeline. Commercial availability varies by country.