United Imaging announces multiple partnerships in the Middle East and Africa at Arab Health 2023
United Imaging announces multiple partnerships in the Middle East and Africa at Arab Health 2023

United Imaging, a global innovator in cutting-edge medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, attended Arab Health 2023 as a Platinum partner from January 30 to February 2 in Dubai, UAE, with a broad range of state-of-the-art medical imaging devices including HD TOF PET/MR uPMR 790; the world's fastest cardiac CT, the 16cm detector/640 slice uCT 960+; the Ultra-Fast High-Resolution Digital PET/CT uMI 780; the newly launched uAiFI-powered 1.5T Wide Bore MRI System with "3T-like" performance, the uMR 680; and the most compact mobile DR system, uDR 380i Pro.

During this annual event, a partnership agreement was forged between United Imaging and I-ONE Nuclear Medicine & Oncology Center by signing an MOU for a collaboration and research agreement for the first PET/MR uPMR 790 in the gulf countries.

I-ONE Nuclear Medicine & Oncology Center is regarded as the first research facility of its kind in Saudi Arabia's western area. United Imaging and I-ONE's agreement establishes a research academy for advanced PET/MR imaging, especially neuro and cardiac PET. The two companies will explore clinical applications and education about the value of AI, digital PET/MR, low-dose PET imaging, small lesion early detection, and new tracers.

Dr. Jusong Xia, President of International Business at United Imaging Healthcare, said: "Since we set foot in the Middle East region in 2018, we have been active in establishing Dubai as a hub to promote our innovative technology across the region. The outstanding partnership between Arab Health and United Imaging has always been uniquely fruitful and valuable."

Arab Health also marked the signing of an agreement between United Imaging and My Doctor Medical Center, a leading private hospital in Qatar that chose United Imaging's full solution suite, including high-end 1.5T MRI, cardiac CT and digital X-ray. The two organizations will cooperate on cutting-edge technologies like fast MRI imaging and low-dose CT imaging.

United Imaging also announced a package agreement with Health Garden Clinic that included the installation of the first uMR680, the most advanced wide bore 1.5T MRI, in Morocco. Health Garden Clinic is founded by Professor El Fakir Youssef, the Director of Nakhil Radiology Center, President of North Morocco Association of Radiologists and the Past President of Morocco Radiology Society. Dedicated to cardiac and pediatric imaging and women's health, this clinic will bring together the best radiology practice in Rabat, Morocco to benefit patients in the region.

Growing in the Middle East, expanding internationally

The Middle East and Africa have traditionally been among United Imaging's important overseas markets. In 2019, United Imaging established its regional headquarters in Dubai with a knowledgeable local marketing and customer service staff to satisfy consumers' demands. At Arab Health 2022, the company established an in-depth strategic cooperation with American Hospital Dubai (AHD), one of the top private hospital groups in the Middle East, and announced a close partnership with King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) in Jordan, one of the most respected and influential oncology centers in the Middle East and surrounding regions. 

United Imaging devices have been deployed at several hospitals and imaging facilities in Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya and more. Partners include Wits Donald Gordon Molecular Imaging in South Africa, and Al Tahra Radiology Center (TRC), one of Egypt's four major radiology centers.

During Arab Health 2023, United Imaging also strengthened cooperation with one of the Top 5 medical product suppliers in Saudi Arabia, Cigalah, and another top player in the Diagnostic Imaging Industry in Kazakhstan, Tengri LLC, to boost its expansion in the Middle East and accelerate development in Central Asia. 

Currently, more than 10,400 hospitals and research institutions in 59 countries and regions around the world are using more than 22,900 United Imaging products in clinical settings, including China, the U.S., the Middle East, Europe, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. 

The company has also set up extensive collaborations with a series of world-renowned clinical and scientific research institutions. One outstanding example is the cooperation with Yale University in developing an advanced neuro PET/CT for the BRAIN Initiative, a significant National Institute of Health (NIH) project. In addition, collaborating with Washington University in St. Louis, United Imaging has been advancing the speed of MR cardiac scanning, post-processing, and imaging diagnosis based on our 1.5T MR empowered by AI. Another example comes from the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas for molecular imaging research in the cardiac field based on our PET/CT.

"We had high expectations for United Imaging's machines and technology. But, all those very high expectations have been consistently exceeded at every level. It's been a phenomenal experience for us. United Imaging has just been an incredible partner for us to work with, at every level, at the hardware level, at the installation level, at the software level, and the applications level. It's been a remarkable journey." said Dr. John Osborne, Director of Cardiovascular CT, Carrollton Regional Medical Center in Dallas, TX, before the Brand Launch Event at ArabHealth 2023. 

As an aspirational innovator in advanced medical imaging field with a worldwide footprint, United Imaging embraces and leads the trends of the global medical imaging industry and will continue to work on foundational technologies and advanced clinical applications and expand its exploration further into uncharted territories. In the future, the company seeks to work even more closely with many more outstanding healthcare professionals so as to "better fulfill the mission 'To Bring Equal Healthcare for All'", said Dr. Jusong Xia.