Centennial Hospital embraces the power of innovation
Centennial Hospital embraces the power of innovation

IRCCS Ospedale Sacro Cuore Don Calabria Hospital, located in Negrar near Verona, is one of Italy's most advanced medical centers for oncological treatment and a long-established healthcare provider. Their certified-by-GMP* cyclotron produces isotopes such as 18F, 13N and Solid Target (89Zr, 124I, 64Cu, and others), and provides all the radiopharmaceuticals according to European pharmacopoeia monographs, as well as investigational medicinal products, to its Nuclear Medicine and Radiometabolic Therapy Department. 

Due to huge clinical demand, IRCCS collaborated with us to introduce its first digital PET/CT. Three doctors familiar with the project commented from different perspectives.

Said Dr. Matteo Salgarello: "it was important for us to have a high performance PET/CT for our diagnostic and research needs."

"I remember that when we took a close look at this PET/CT, we were aware immediately that it is a machine that could change our daily practices. It sheds light on studies like neurodegenerative disease, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and more." confirmed Dr. Doraku Joniada at EANM.

"Moreover, we were able to better meet patients' needs: with the same radiopharmaceutical administered activities, we can acquire an excellent exam and reduce acquisition time by almost half. This PET/CT is less tiring and more comfortable for exams, as patients lie still for less time." confirmed Dr. Laura Olivari, also at EANM.

* GMP - Good Manufacturing Production standards