Global Medical Health medical centre, offering world-class medical services

Located on the outskirts of the capital city of Bucharest, Global Medical Health is a top-tier diagnostic clinic offering a full range of medical services. Established to provide the highest level of care, it is a state-of-the-art facility that brings together leading Romanian and foreign specialists who have already made significant contributions in their respective fields. Working in collaboration, they are committed to providing exceptional medical care of the highest quality.

With the aim of providing state-of-the-art medical examinations in the private sector, Global Medical Health has recently acquired next-generation United Imaging Healthcare equipment: the uDR 592h, uMR 588, uCT 760, and uMammo 890i systems. This unique combination of powerful diagnostic technologies will enable Global Medical Health to provide high quality diagnostics to patients suffering from various diseases. As a result, healthcare professionals will be able to obtain detailed diagnostic information, allowing them to make more informed decisions about the most appropriate treatment options for their patients.

Leveraging innovative technology, the uDR 592h is a value-based digital X-ray imaging system that provides accurate and consistent high quality images while serving large numbers of patients. With its human-centred design, the uDR 592h accommodates a wide range of positioning needs, ensuring patient comfort and precise imaging. Additionally, the uExceed operating system is a significant advancement as its intelligent pop-up display allows healthcare providers to easily access relevant information and settings during the imaging process, while its comprehensive post-processing functions facilitate advanced image analysis, helping radiologists to obtain detailed diagnostic information. All these unique features make the uDR 592h a state-of-the-art digital X-ray system, ensuring seamless workflow and tremendous diagnostic capabilities.

Based on an innovative digital platform, the uMR® 580 is a smart 1.5 T MR scanner representing significant advancements in several areas. The shimming technology developed in-house ensures excellent magnetic field uniformity, while the intelligent eddy current compensation technology makes it possible to achieve a powerful gradient. In addition, the introduction of intelligent acceleration provides high-speed imaging of the entire anatomy, offering a considerable reduction in scanning time. This acceleration directly translates into improved scan efficiency, allowing patient throughput to be significantly increased. To minimise system downtime, the uMR® 580 uses real-time component monitoring and trending analysis to provide early warning of abnormalities. Finally, in order to reduce power consumption, United Imaging has developed an intelligent wake-up solution that automatically puts the system into standby mode between exams.

With its innovative features, the uCT 760 is at the forefront of computed tomography technology. Fully integrating the Z-Detector and a powerful imaging chain, this 128-slice CT guarantees high-quality images at low doses with significant noise reduction, offering an unprecedented clinical user experience as a result. The system is designed to enable comprehensive and reliable cardiac diagnostics based on an integrated wireless ECG monitoring system, multi-phase cardiac imaging, and intelligent adaptive phase selection.

The uMammo 890i represents a breakthrough in low-dose, high-resolution breast imaging. Its groundbreaking design, including the CMOS Starlight imaging platform equipped with dual-angle 3D breast imaging and the U-View synthetic 2D technology, enables a significant increase in breast cancer detection rates at an early stage while reducing radiation dose by up to 41%. By prioritising patient safety and providing unparalleled image quality, the uMammo 890i sets a new standard for mammography.

United Imaging is proud that such an impressive facility as Global Medical Health has recognised the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of diagnostic imaging technology. Every aspect of UIH equipment design reflects the expectations and needs of radiologists and physicians. UIH's cutting-edge technologies provide medical practitioners with stable system performance, faster and more accurate imaging as well as ensuring ease of use. This collaboration between United Imaging and Global Medical Health reflects our shared goal of advancing diagnostic imaging technology and delivering exceptional healthcare services. We believe that Global Medical Health's diagnostic clinic will be able to set new diagnostic excellence standards by leveraging the innovative solutions featured in the four installed United Imaging Healthcare systems.