Qualimedis and United Imaging Healthcare sign a partnership

United Imaging Healthcare, a company that develops and manufactures equipment for medical and molecular imaging, radiotherapy, and life science instrumentation, and provides smart digital solutions to customers worldwide, announces a major partnership in France with Qualimedis, a company that provides several innovative products and quality assurance solutions in the fields of imaging and radiotherapy.

"This unique partnership allows us to join forces with another revolutionary technology company like United Imaging Healthcare," says Qualimedis CEO Hervé Servajean.

"We are delighted to enter into this partnership to offer cutting-edge technology embodied by United Imaging Healthcare's PET/CT, CT and MR systems, which, when combined with artificial intelligence, will ensure very high throughput and efficiency for healthcare professionals without compromising on diagnostic quality," adds Hervé Servajean. "The uExplorer digital PET/CT with 194 cm FOV, the uCT 960+ high-end CT and the new 5T MR Jupiter systems perfectly meet the high demands of our French customers".

United Imaging Healthcare and Qualimedis share the commitment to supporting clinical decision-making in order to enable the best possible patient care.

About United Imaging Healthcare

United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. ("UIH") is a member of the United Imaging Healthcare Technology Group Co., Ltd., which provides, develops, and manufactures high-performance advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment as well as life science instruments and offers intelligent digital solutions to customers worldwide. Founded in 2011, UIH is headquartered in Shanghai, and has subsidiaries and R&D centres in China, the United States, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, and other parts of the world.

About Qualimedis

Since 2008, Qualimedis has specialised in providing innovative quality assurance solutions for the medical use of ionising radiation. The strong and recognised skills of its team in radiation physics and the natural market demand for radiotherapy and radiodiagnostic equipment incorporating major technological advances have led the company to establish partnerships with major suppliers to cover these market segments.