uCT 780
Saint Anne's Hospital in Piaseczno chose UCT 780

United Imaging takes great pride in extending a warm welcome to a new member of its global community of healthcare providers devoted to enhancing patients' access to high-quality, advanced imaging modalities. Looking for a cutting-edge computed tomography scanner that guarantees both versatility and top-notch performance, St. Anne’s Hospital chose to rely on uCT 780, an advanced 160-slice CT scanner characterized by exceptional image quality at low radiation dose.

Situated in Piaseczno, just 17 km from the capital city of Warsaw, St. Anne's Hospital stands as a comprehensive treatment center. It encompasses six highly specialized divisions and an outpatient department housing as many as 24 clinics. Since its opening in 2011, this 120-bed hospital has been immensely popular among the local population of patients, with countless hospitalizations and surgeries having been performed to date. The hospital is particularly known for its expertise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques.

After careful consideration, St. Anne's Hospital has made a strategic decision to improve its diagnostic capabilities by investing in uCT 760.

uCT 760 is a state-of-the-art computed tomography scanner whose superior imaging quality and functionality are attributable to the introduction of various technological solutions.

Thanks to the combination of a robust imaging chain with a fully integrated Z-Detector that effectively reduces electronic noise, enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), the uCT 760 allows for imaging of unprecedented quality.

To improve the visualization of finer structures, uCT 760 has been equipped with 0.5 mm collimation. A 1024 x 1024 reconstruction matrix improves spatial resolution and allows radiologists to discern the smallest of details for the most challenging examinations. Last but not least, the 0.3 rotation speed significantly enhances temporal resolution, which results in comprehensive and reliable cardiac imaging. These highly impressive imaging results are obtained at low radiation doses, which is attributable to multiple dose control features such as a 70 kVp scan mode and Auto ALARA kVp, which generates an optimized dose distribution plan for every individual scan.

United Imaging has dedicated a deliberate effort toward ensuring optimal user experience, with the uCT 760 leveraging artificial intelligence solutions that have resulted in the automation of various tasks and; therefore, considerable support of radiologists in their work. The user-friendly uExceed software, coupled with the Easy-Logic Intelligent Platform that keenly anticipates the next user operation and readies the system for the upcoming scan, significantly speeds up daily clinical workflows.

A leading feature of uCT 760 is its extreme versatility that directly translates to limitless clinical possibilities. From routine scans to advanced CT imaging, uCT 760 allows for imaging of a wide variety of patients, including pediatric patients or patients with metal implants. To offer the possibility of expanding clinical services, the uCT 760 comes fully configured with all available software features and advanced applications. This provides hospitals with the flexibility to utilize these valuable features either right away or at a later date, enabling them to considerably expand their clinical services without the need for additional investments in software. For example, uCT 760 can be expanded to allow for CT guidance during minimally invasive procedures. CT-Guided Intervention is a unique medical tool offering guidance during minimally invasive procedures performed under the control of a CT. Physicians can accurately determine the location and boundaries of a pathological change, as well as the characteristics of the surrounding anatomy. Images derived from CT scans assist the operator in establishing the needle insertion path before an invasive procedure and in determining its current position during the procedure. Depending on the intervention protocol, images can be obtained in specific positions: before and during needle insertion, ultimately providing an accurate image of its exact location in the target area. Thanks to high imaging accuracy, it is possible to obtain cells or tissues during a biopsy or perform minimally invasive procedures such as drainage or ablation.

The uCT 760 is a perfect choice for comprehensive treatment centers seeking to handle a significant daily patient load while maintaining high image quality. Thanks to its advanced features, the uCT 760 is bound to meet the evolving needs of modern-day healthcare providers.

The collaboration between United Imaging and St. Anne’s Hospital reflects the strong commitment to making advanced imaging widely available. This way, patients can have a chance to undergo a speedy and precise diagnostic process, which is essential to establishing an adequate treatment plan and obtaining the best outcomes possible.