The World's First 75cm, Ultra-wide-bore 3.0T uMR Omega™ Starts Journey in the US
The Obesity Nightmare

According to CDC data in 2012, the United States has become one of the "most obese" developed countries in the world, with 35.7% of its adults and 17% of its children suffering from obesity.

Patients with extreme obesity are usually suffering from other diseases, making them often unable to enter examination equipment smoothly. Their body shape restrictions mean that they have to endure the pains of diseases. Besides, people with claustrophobia, oversized athletes, pregnant women, rickets patients and other groups with special examination needs also face similar problems. But now, they have a new choice.

Recently, Memorial MRI & Diagnostic, a high-end imaging center located in Texas, introduced the world's first 75cm, ultra-wide-bore 3.0T uMR Omega™. Compared with the mainstream and standard 60cm-bore MR machines in the industry, uMR Omega™ expands the bore to 75cm, providing an unprecedented spacious scanning experience similar to "first-class cabin". What's more, it can also accommodate 300kg overweight patients, and provide wider application space for the MR examination of shoulders, elbows, hip joints and other parts far away from the center of the human body.

John is an oversized rugby player. High confrontation intensity on the pitch has made him suffer from joint injuries, which requires high-definition image examinations. However, conventional MR cannot complete the scanning of complex positions such as eccentric joints. As a result, he had to seek medical service in other states. But, the arrival of uMR Omega™ makes it possible for him to easily complete body scanning at his doorsteps.

*To protect the privacy of patients, their real names or photos are not used in this article.

The Twelfth Cooperation

The World's First 75cm, Ultra-wide-bore 3.0T uMR Omega™ Starts Journey in the US

This is not the first cooperation between United Imaging and Memorial MRI & Diagnostic, a high-end imaging center dedicated to providing accurate, efficient and personalized diagnostic and therapeutic services. Since its establishment, Kim, its founder, has been constantly looking for more universal and intelligent innovative products, and what she finds is United Imaging. In the past three years, Memorial MRI & Diagnostic has introduced United Imaging's full-line products, including MR, MI, CT and XR products, for 12 consecutive times, becoming a "staunch supporter" of the Chinese brand.

A 5cm Chasm

To achieve the leap to "first-class cabin" experience, it is imperative to overcome the root causes of technical barriers. For decades, engineers around the world have been trying to increase the bore limit of high-field superconducting magnetic resonance. Every 1cm of expansion creates numerous technical problems. How to maintain quality imaging and system stability while expanding the bore looks like an insurmountable "chasm"!

United Imaging's uMR Omega™ engineers have addressed problems in the source of technology and identified a new technical path to "resolve the problem with ingenuity": create an unprecedented ultra-wide97cm-inner-diameter net magnet architecture, and achieve a magnetic field uniformity comparable to or even better than that of the traditional 70cm wide-bore magnetic resonance while expanding the bore; build the industry's first GPA with 3.5MW peak power, equivalent to that of 13 V8 engines, which can easily harness advanced clinical research applications and even high-precision radiotherapy simulation positioning.

The World's First 75cm, Ultra-wide-bore 3.0T uMR Omega™ Starts Journey in the US

Bigger Size Generates New Possibilities

The unprecedented 75cm bore increases the volume by 33%, providing new "first-class cabin" experience.

The World's First 75cm, Ultra-wide-bore 3.0T uMR Omega™ Starts Journey in the US

The industry's first "starry sky" environment turns the long magnetic resonance scanning into an immersive "Star Watching Experience" to relieve anxiety and claustrophobia.

The World's First 75cm, Ultra-wide-bore 3.0T uMR Omega™ Starts Journey in the US

Combination with the uAIFI Technology assisted by AI allows fast and accurate examinations with improved patients' comfort, ushering in an era of "Brain-inspired".

The World's First 75cm, Ultra-wide-bore 3.0T uMR Omega™ Starts Journey in the US

Todd Greene
COO of Memorial MRI and Diagnostic
"We look for the right value and technology, so we have strategically aligned with United Imaging in some of our very strategic, high-end imaging modalities to provide best-in-class technology for our patients, You have to select technology that is scalable, relevant, and very usable. But, equipment is just equipment if it's not working well, if it's not upgraded in a timely way. We really look for a company that can walk with us down our path, be it quality, service, or our goals around providing access to the best MRI exams to our community. We look for all of those components to drive excellence."