Powerful. Proven.

The uCT 550 features the Z-Detector with an ultra-short transmission length, ultra-low electronic noise, and a lower dose per millisievert. The system delivers an optimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and superior image quality.



The ultra-low noise detector fundamentally improves the image quality. With Through-Silicon-Via (TSV), Z-Detector enables direct output of digital signal, which achieves not only overall noise reduction, but also helps to ensure optimal image quality with low radiation dose.


The KARL 3D iterative denoising technique significantly reduces radiation dose. KARL 3D employs a generalized gradient descent iterative denoising technique in both projection and image spaces. The unique KARL 3D Iterative Reconstruction Technology allows users to reduce the radiation dose significantly without sacrificing image quality.

Dedication to Fine Craftsmanship and Quality
Dedication to Fine Craftsmanship and Quality
United Imaging has a remarkable dedication to craftsmanship and quality. From every detail inside the scanner to the finished product, the uCT 550 exudes fine craftsmanship and quality, which is evident in the stunning clinical images produced by the system.

Highly Efficient Workflow

Easy-Logic Intelligent Prediction Platform

The Easy-Logic intelligent prediction platform predicts the next user operation and prepares for the next phase, including tube preparation, gantry preparation, and data pre-processing. It shortens patient registration time with fast protocol selection from real-time data analysis.

uECO Power-Saving Mode

The uECO shortens the time needed to stabilize the system after standby. The energy-saving module reduces the power consumption of the CT and HVAC systems.

Powerful. Proven.

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