Breaking Barriers in Every Direction

The uMI Panorama is clearly magnificent in all directions with industry leading image quality, the highest NEMA PET resolution, fastest timing resolution, and fastest CT rotation in the industry.* The AI-empowered workflow, 35 cm axial field of view (FOV), wide-bore and 700 lbs. table weight capacity enable you to maximize your routine intelligently for  every patient and exam. 
* Data on File. ECRI accessed 02/07/2023.

Clarity goes beyond a single specification with the uMI Panorama. It provides 2.9 mm NEMA PET resolution and sub 200 ps timing resolution and its 160-slice CT enables 0.25 s rotation speed with 0.22 mm spatial resolution for quantitative accuracy and small lesion detectability.

Clearly Magnificent in All Directions

The uMI Panorama is born with AI, intelligently senses the patient on the table for accurate positioning, simplifies the workflow by automatically setting scan parameters and produces ultra high-resolution images using the advanced AI iterative reconstruction engine trained with uEXPLORER® PET total-body data. 

Maximize Your Routine Intelligently

The uMI Panorama is "All-In" to meet your needs today and in the future with full support for high quality theragnostic imaging, clarity to see finer details, an expandable platform and industry leading technology. 

Moving MI in A New Direction

uMI Panorama with uAI Vision

Founded on Innovation

uExcel Digital PET Detector

United Imaging's proprietary ASIC technology offers excellent timing resolution of under 200 ps, while the Integrated-Light-Guide improves light collection efficiency and spatial resolution to achieve extraordinary image quality. 

160-slice AI Driven CT

The ultra-low noise design of the Z-Detector helps produce high image quality with low radiation dose. The AI-empowered adjustment of the kVp and mA personalizes low radiation dose for each patient.

Vision 3D camera

uAI® Vision 3D Camera

The AI-empowered workflow driven by the uAI Vision 3D camera offers consistent isocenter patient positioning and scan range locations based on the selected protocol.

uMI Panorama Bed Positions 

Long Axial Field of View

The large 35 cm PET axial FOV and high system sensitivity enables high signal to noise whole-body imaging in 3 bed positions.

AI logo

uAI® DPR and uAI® AI-IR

AI is only as good as the data you use to train it with. uAI HYPER DPR is a CNN-based iterative reconstruction engine trained with uEXPLORER PET total-body data, utilizes a pre-trained neural network to predict low noise PET images and improve image contrast. uAI AI-IR is the next cutting-edge CT reconstruction method that innovatively brings the power of model-based iterative reconstruction and deep learning technology together reconstruction to significantly reduce image noise and artifacts, while at the same time greatly improving low contrast detectability and spatial resolution.

Innovation that Delivers

Expandable System
Designed for All patients

The wide-bore PET/CT system and 700 lbs. table capacity allows for easier patient positioning for all patients. Standard AI technologies increases patient throughput while maximizing patient comfort.

Redefining Clinical Flexibility with CT

This fully configured, 0.25 second rotation speed, 160-slice AI-empowered diagnostic CT provides high image quality with low radiation dose that can be used as a standalone or back-up CT for advanced Radiology procedures.

Investment Protection

Unlock the possibilities for clinical research and theragnostic imaging utilizing the uMI Panorama's exquisite PET and CT resolution, high PET sensitivity, and AI platform.

Quality Control Made Easy

No radioactive sources are required for automatic daily QC, reducing radiation exposure to the operator. Periodic full QC supports both liquid 18F and solid 68Ge sources.

Outcome of Innovation

Full Thorax Scan in a Single Bed with 35cm AFOV
Clarity for Small Lesion Delineation
High Resolution Imaging in a Large AFOV
Small Pelvic Lesion with uAI HYPER DPR
Images Courtesy Of United Imaging