Investment in health - State-of-the-art uMR 588 MRI machine at Prizren Regional Hospital, Kosovo

United Imaging is proud to welcome Kosovo as the newest member of our global family.

We believe that the increasing use of our company's technology by healthcare facilities worldwide is a testament to our unwavering commitment to developing cutting-edge imaging modalities that have the potential to revolutionise patient care.

Through the joint efforts of United Imaging and NeuralMed – a company specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of medical equipment, particularly imaging systems – Prizren Regional Hospital has become the first facility in Kosovo to benefit from United Imaging's cutting-edge diagnostic technology.

Prizren Regional Hospital is located in the picturesque city of Prizren, which is the historic capital of Kosovo and is celebrated as the most culturally and ethnically diverse city in the country. With a population of over 200,000, Prizren is a vibrant centre of cultural exchange and heritage.

Prizren Regional Hospital plays a vital role in providing essential healthcare services to the local population. With a staff of 778, including 155 doctors, this comprehensive treatment centre serves residents from a wide range of municipalities, including Dragash, Malisheva, Mamusha, Prizren, Rahovec, and Suhareka. It also extends its reach beyond the country’s borders, providing healthcare to citizens from neighbouring regions, in particular the border town of Kukës in Albania and selected villages along the border with North Macedonia. In total, this high-capacity medical facility provides access to quality healthcare for approximately 250,000 people.

In order to offer its patients the highest diagnostic standards, the hospital made the strategic decision to install the uMR® 588, a 1.5T magnetic resonance scanner that sets a new standard of excellence in the field of magnetic resonance imaging.

The uMR® 588 uses a range of innovative technological solutions, seamlessly integrated with the vast capabilities of artificial intelligence, to ensure diagnostic performance of unparalleled quality.

United Imaging’s uCS® (United Compressed Sensing) imaging platform is a truly transformative technology that represents the future of magnetic resonance imaging. By combining the strengths of PF, PI, and CS, the uCS® imaging technology significantly optimises data acquisition and image reconstruction, resulting in significantly improved scan speed and image quality. When applied to dynamic scan enhancement in abdominal MRI, uCS® imaging achieves a remarkable 16-fold acquisition speed, enabling precise visualisation of continuous dynamic changes in tissue signals.

The uMR® 588 is distinguished by its exceptional ability to perform precise quantification, making it a highly useful tool for clinical and scientific research. MAPs can provide quantitative data for various organ diseases by accurately calculating the time parameter, while spectroscopy can complete the non-invasive detection of metabolite levels in living tissue. Another useful feature is FACT, which allows for non-invasive detection of fat content and iron deposition in tissue.

The uMR® 588 introduces users to a new standard in neuroimaging, offering multi-parameter neuroimaging that provides highly accurate information critical to the diagnosis of disease, including conditions such as white matter lesions. Following data acquisition, users can obtain parameter maps such as FA (Fractional Anisotropy), RA (Relative Anisotropy), ADC (Apparent Diffusion Coefficient), and colour FA, all of which provide insight into the speed and direction of water movement within the tissue.

United Imaging is committed to developing medical devices that not only improve the diagnostic process, but also simplify the demanding workflow of medical staff. To this end, the uMR® 588 has been equipped with a number of tools, such as intelligent and automatic table positioning or automatic multi-step scan planning and image stitching.

We strongly believe that the installation of the uMR® 588 at Prizren Regional Hospital will have a significant impact on the local healthcare system, as countless patients will have the opportunity to benefit from easier access to advanced imaging modalities and thus undergo a fast and accurate diagnostic process.